LD Machine Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, in the Mingjue Industrial Park where the Nanjing International Airport is about 20 minutes' car distance. An ISO9001 certified company, LD is one of the oldest companies here in China specialized in the design & manufacture of Industrial Blades and Machine Knives.

The company covers an area of 6,600 square meters and is equipped with workshops and blocks for different production processes. Over the years, we have been invesing several million on both hard and soft systems, therefore making us a pioneer and a good source of machine knives.

LD is well known for its custom-made capability and is able to make to prints or physical samples. Our knives are widely seen in such industries as Iron & Steel, Paper Mills, Woodworking, Plastics & Rubber, Fabrics and Packaging. Since the first export business to the U.S. in 2008, we have been shipping knives to more than 20 countries like Indonesia, India, Japan, Phillpine, Malaysia, U.K.,Italy, Turkey, Russia, Mauritius etc. Customers include national and international famous companies, OEMs, overseas knife dealers and even manufacturers like us.

Never Stop Improving-a motto we set up for every individual LD man inside the company, reflects a determination to better serve clients. LD is continuously spending no efforts to offer the most quality products, great service, and finally to become your best partner

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Metalworking Knives
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Textile & Nonwoven Knives
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Resharpening Service
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Circular Converting Knives
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Customs & Specialties
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